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Pest Control ◊ As you may know, when birds start nesting in your building, they become destructive pests that can interfere with the appearance and performance of your machinery or possessions.

If you are housing horses or livestock, birds can contaminate their water or their food, which could lead to potential health issues you will need Pest Control.

Image of Pest Control Netting For Metal Buildings

To discourage nesting, We can instal a 2 x 2 lumber bird blocking behind each column in every Metal building we construct.  Pest Control

This bird blocking helps to eliminate nesting in the sidewalls, which reduces the bird population in your building.

To provide additional protection and to further eliminate favorite nesting areas, We also offers the optional installation of bird mesh wire.

Pest Control ◊ When installed in the ridge vent and between the roof and sidewalls, our bird protection significantly reduces overhead nesting.

Pest Control ◊ along with Our Metal Buildings sliding door system installed with a concrete threshold, practically seals the building and does away with bird infestation.

At J.C.s Metal Buildings, we want to help you protect your investments.

To determine the building solutions that will work best for you, contact a J.C.s Metal Buildings Sales Consultant.


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