Agricultural Buildings

Agricultural Buildings Steel Type

Agricultural Buildings Metal Building, Steel Building, Barn type
Metal Building, Barn type

Agricultural Buildings are ideal for most any farm application. Use them to store all your heavy equipment, or store hay and straw or even house your farm animals.

J.C.s Metal Building Sales can configure these Agricultural Buildings with a wide variety of openings, doors and windows to meet your exact requirements.

You can choose from a closed gable end, or an open gable end. You can also have if fully enclosed with a drive through opening, or choose from our 2 styles of garage doors roll up & overhead.

Our roll up and overhead doors come in a variety of sizes ranging from a single door to a double door.

We also have walk in doors and windows available. Mix and match the roof, sides, ends, and trim colors at no additional charge choosing from our standard 13 color choices.

We can customize any of our Agricultural  buildings to fit your everyday storage needs. Let us here at J.C.s Metal Building Sales put your designs and imagination into a reality today.

In older style barns, the upper area was used to store hay and sometimes grain. This is called the mow (rhymes with cow) or the hayloft. A large door at the top of the ends of the barn could be opened up so that hay could be put in the loft. The hay was hoisted into the barn by a system containing pulleys and a trolley that ran along a track attached to the top ridge of the barn. Trap doors in the floor allowed animal feed to be dropped into the mangers for the animals.

In New England it is common to find barns attached to the main farmhouse (connected farm architecture), allowing for chores to be done while sheltering the worker from the weather.

In the middle of the twentieth century the large broad roof of barns were sometimes painted with slogans in the United States. Most common of these were the 900 barns painted with ads for Rock City.

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