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Riding Arenas Traditionally, were wooden structures. Today, more and more equestrian enthusiasts opt for steel structures when they are in need of new and reliable facilities.

Riding Arenas Steel Building Riding Arena Metal Building
Steel Building Riding Arena

The floor of riding arenas is often filled with combustible materials.

Inflammable steel structures are therefore much safer than wood.

If a fire breaks out, it will be much easier to put out if it cannot spread to the main structure.

Even a severe fire will be limited to interior items and the main steel building will stay intact.

Horses, riders and spectators are less likely to get trapped or injured since the roof and walls of a steel structure can withstand remarkably high temperatures without collapsing.

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A riding arena is often used for a wide range of different activities.

And must therefore be suitable for anything from dressage and jumping competitions to kid’s pony riding lessons.

In some regions of the world, a simple roof-only structure will be enough to provide shade and protection from the rain for horses and riders.

In other climate zones, a riding arena must be fully closed and able to cope with strong winds, hail storms, heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures.

Insulating a steel structure in order to keep riders and horses warm during the winter is easy as well as affordable.

Don’t forget that a fully enclosed insulated steel-riding arena is ideal in hot climates too. It will keep the heat out and lower the need for air conditioning.

Riding Arenas Image of a Horse Riding Arena

When you select your riding arena, it is important that you consider all the different forces that it will be exposed to in your particular part of the world.

Is your region prone to strong winds? Should the roof be strong enough to bare the burden of heavy snowfall?

Is there a risk of flooding, forest fires or seismic stress?

How about hailstorms and heavy rains?

You can save yourself a lot of money and trouble in the long run by taking all these factors into consideration.

Since steel is a very strong building material, it is an ideal choice for buildings that require a column free design such as riding arenas

If you choose first-rate steel and clever designs, you can obtain a riding arena that is highly flexible.

It will accommodate your current needs and adapt to the future as well. You might for instance eventually wish to connect the riding arena to a stable.

You will be able to simply open up a new door without violating any safety regulations. This is why steel riding arenas are such good investments.

You can relay on them for years and years to come and simply adjust them as your needs changes.

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