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Add an uplifting look to your horse Ports and provide extra durability with Anodized Finish Aluminum Horse Stalls.

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Horse Ports ◊ Heavy-duty aluminum extrusions are used in pipe sections, rails, and frames for easier handling without compromising strength.

Horse Ports ◊  Each stall comes standard with a door, fixed pipe section, and feed hole.

Horse Ports ◊ Optional features include swing panels in the door for a clean look and easy operation and a two-piece swing-out feeder.


The optional swing-out hay/grain feeder changes to a two-part unit and increases stall front strength. The grain feeder has a black high-density polyethylene tub. Stainless steel latches lock the feeder parts in open and closed positions.


Eliminate splashboard wear down from horse traffic. Heavy-duty galvanized steel protects the base of the door opening and includes a one-inch diameter at each end to guide the bottom of the door and hold it to the stall front.


Provides secure locking while staying concealed in the door track for a clean look. To release latch, simply lift first pipe in door and use as a handle to open and close the door. When closing door, the latch catches automatically at the end of the door travel.


Bi parting side swing doors make for a cleaner look and they allow your horses to look out into the aisle and socialize while safely confined within their area.

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