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This article is about the theoretical concept as used in the social and behavioral sciences. For social networking sites, see social networking service. For the 2010 movie, seeThe Social Network. For other uses, see Social network (disambiguation).
Social Network Analysis diagram
Theory · History
Positivism · Antipositivism
Functionalism · Conflict theory
Middle-range · Mathematical
Critical theory · Socialization
Structure and agency
Research methods
Quantitative · Qualitative
Historical · Computational
Ethnographic · Network analytic
Topics · Subfields
Cities · Class · Crime · Culture
Deviance · Demography · Education
Economy · Environment · Family
Gender · Health · Industry · Internet
Knowledge · Law · Literature ·Medicine · Politics · Mobility ·Race and ethnicity · Rationalization ·Religion · Science · Secularization ·Social networks ·Social psychology · Stratification
Category tree · Lists
Journals · Sociologists
Article index
Graph · Complex network · Contagion
Small-world  · Scale-free  ·
Community structure  · Percolation  ·Evolution  · Controllability  · Topology  ·Graph drawing  · Social capital  ·Link analysis  · Optimization
Reciprocity  · Closure  · Homophily
Transitivity  · Preferential attachment
Balance  · Network effect  · Influence
Types of Networks
Information  · Telecommunication
Social · Biological  · Neural  · Semantic
Random  · Dependency  · Flow
Vertex  · Edge  · Component
Directed · Multigraph · Bipartite
Weighted  · Hypergraph  · Random
Cycle  · Loop  · Path
Neighborhood  · Clique  · Complete  · Cut
Data structure  · Adjacency list & matrix
Incidence list & matrix
Metrics and Algorithms
Centrality  · Degree  · Betweenness
Closeness  · PageRank  · Motif
Clustering  · Degree distribution  ·Assortativity  · Distance  · Modularity
Random  · Erdős–Rényi
Barabási–Albert  · Watts–Strogatz
ERGM  · Epidemic  · Hierarchical
Topics  · Software  · Network scientists
Graph theory  · Network theory

social network is a social structure made up of a set of actors (such as individuals or organizations) and the dyadic ties between these actors. The social network perspective provides a clear way of analyzing the structure of whole social entities. The study of these structures uses social network analysis to identify local and global patterns, locate influential entities, and examine network dynamics.

Social networks and the analysis of them is an inherently interdisciplinary academic field which emerged from social psychologysociology,statistics, and graph theoryGeorg Simmel authored early structural theories in sociology emphasizing the dynamics of triads and “web of group affiliations.”  Jacob Moreno is credited with developing the first sociograms in the 1930s to study interpersonal relationships. These approaches were mathematically formalized in the 1950s and theories and methods of social networks became pervasive in the social and behavioral sciences by the 1980s.  Social network analysis is now one of the major paradigms in contemporary sociology, and is also employed in a number of other social and formal sciences. Together with other complex networks, it forms part of the nascent field of network science.

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